This theme has been built on the Mythology Engine, a foundation theme from MDNW that has the primary goal of creating the fastest site launch process possible. It does this in a few ways:

Tested Extensively on Modern Devices

Getting just the right blend of fluid, fixed, and intelligently collapsing layouts that don’t break didn’t just happen overnight. We’ve been one of the first crews to built responsive WP themes and we really get excited about making the mobile and tablet experience awesome for everyone!

The layout works radically different based on the size of a device. Large devices offer the “full experience” – grid elements are wide open and spacious. Medium devices (ie: iPads and other mid-resolution tablets) showcase adapted grids that still leverage the unique layout of the theme. Smaller devices “stack” grid elements and move other layout pieces to create a fully usable, uncompromising experience that makes infinitely more sense for users looking at content through a smaller window. Regardless of what your visitors are browsing with, you’ll be confident that your work looks great!

Theme Options, Re-envisioned

Less is truly more. We’ve stripped all skinning options from our primary theme control panel in order to create a swift, responsive, uncluttered way to manage the key aspects of the theme. This is what the admin panel looks like:

We cut out the bloat. The full set of options includes:

  • 3 Header Column Layouts
  • 8 Default Page Layouts (Visual Composer handles all other layouts ;))
  • Logo & Favicon Uploader
  • Theme Highlight Colors
  • Options Skin Override
  • Breadcrumbs & Pagination Toggles
  • Top Hat Toggles & Content Fields
  • Footer Toggles & Content Fields
  • Post & Page Element Toggles (date, tags, categories, etc.)
  • Social Media Icons
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Javascript
  • Google Fonts
  • Custom Background Slider
  • Revolution Slider
  • LOTS more!

In addition to the Theme Options panel, this theme also integrates a handful of Page & Post options that allow your to override any global rules for that one page or post. These panels will show up on any Page or Post editor, underneath the basic content editor. In the event that they do not appear, make sure that you have enabled them from the top-right “Screen Options” panel. These panels will allow you to override theme-level options on individual pages and posts.

Page Options: Over 30 Pre-Built Layouts (or create your own!)

Limitless is an understatement. Every page is truly a blank canvas – customize the size, position, and behavior of the Header Column, Primary Content Area, and Sidebar Widget Area with ease. Here are just a few of the options (more open up as you make selections):


Theme Skinning with Live-Preview

Eliminate the guesswork from customizing the theme. Built on the WP Theme Customizer API with some special tricks blended in, you can change just about every typographic or color across the entire theme… there’s no need to reload the page on the front-end though – the Theme Customizer will show you an instant preview of what your changes look like right there on the same screen.

Here’s what the panel looks like:

The full library of Google Fonts is included in the Theme Customizer (and yes, live-preview works on the font-faces too). Just open up the customize panel and start playing!

A Portfolio Grid that actually works…

We tested out countless “grid” plugins before building ours… Honestly, most of them were incredibly difficult to use. The Mythology Grid (based on our old Skeleton Grid) is a breath of fresh air. The grid works out of the box so long as you have a couple posts with featured images, and your can decide just how custom you want to make it with our easy to use “visual grid builder”. It works incredibly fast inside the admin panel – you’ll be showing off your new portfolio in no time at all!

The Grid Options (subject to change as we make improvements and add features). Click to make it bigger:


The Full List of Features

Rather than waste your time talking about the rest, let’s just get down to brass tacks. Here’s what comes with the theme:

Visual Composer

Create your own custom layouts using over 30 different content modules ranging from image-sliders to text blocks to videos and maps.  Visual Composer is the most popular visual editor available to WordPress and it’s bundled in the theme. Updates are be included for free with each theme-version update.

Mythology BG Slider

Create your own fully adaptive background slideshows, complete with transition effect options, captions, navigation styles, and lots more!

Revolution Slider

Want more than what our Mythology slider has to offer? No worries. We’ve bundled in the Revolution Slider plugin to handle the truly custom slider experiences. Play videos, add animated layer effects, and lots lots more!

Live Search

Try typing in the searchbar (in the sidebar or on the “tophat”). The Live Search feature allows users to instantly skim your site for relevant material without every loading another page.

HTML5 Fueled SEO

We re-wrote our entire theme-base from scratch to include the latest, most relevant HTML elements and tags to allow for the best possible search engine results.


The entire theme has been fully internationalized and prepped for your language translation. Just follow the usual translation process and the theme will do the rest.

A Streamlined Workflow

This might be the first theme you encounter that actually advertises LESS features. We’ve pulled out every redundant, confusing, or buggy feature from our old theme framework and boiled down this theme to the least amount of complexity possible. Think of it as a Zen Garden in theme format.

1,000’s of Fonts

Use the integrated Google Fonts library to see instant Live-Previews of how your site looks with any font you want before you hit “Publish”. If Google Fonts aren’t enough, we integrate seamlessly with Typekit,, and other popular services.

Custom CSS & Script Injection

Got something custom that you want to drop in? Simple. Just drop them into our theme control panel and the theme will do the rest of the work for you.

Built with Ordinary People in Mind

Our goal is to deliver a theme that anyone can use & customize, without any need for 24/7 customer support or long-winded documentation manuals. You can import our theme demo content if you want a head start, but the theme has truly been designed to be answer any of your questions as you use it, so don’t fret if you don’t know how to code.

Built with Developers in Mind, too!

Our code is clean, organized, and well commented. Everything has it’s rightful place in this theme, and making advanced customizations to templates, stylesheets, and functions has never been easier.

Beyond Responsive

We were one of the first theme crews to dabble in ‘responsive design’ way back in the day… so we know a thing or two about how to do this properly. Fluid grids are used at larger breakpoints, and fixed widths are used on smaller devices to ensure ideal spacing. The type size shifts on smaller devices to be larger and easier to read, and images and other media are sandboxed to prevent anything from breaking the layout.

REM Typography & Layouts

The problem with Pixels are, they absolutely do-not-scale in Internet Explorer. Furthermore, with the onset of Responsive Web Design, having fonts that scale (in relation to the screen width) has become paramount. Percentages (%) and EM’s are better, but they’re tricky and compound. Still not an answer. A real solution? Use the REM. (Source – Greg Rickaby)

JetPack Infinite Scroll Ready

A pretty handy plugin if you plan on using our integrated blog template (or just using this theme as a standard WP blog, which we encourage!!!). Posts load as you scroll down the page. Fully customizable to perform as you need it to.

JetPack Comments, Carousel, and Extra Widgets

Nearly all of JetPack works well with this theme (the Tiled Galleries are the only exception since those aren’t responsive) – if you want to start using the next level of WordPress functionality, you’ll get it here.